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  • Contract Sales Respond to changing markets with experienced, agile sales teams Whether you’re looking to adjust your sales approach, increase geographical reach or implement alternative sales channels, Matz Medical sales solutions are customizable to your needs.

    Contract Sales

    Multi-Country Solutions Remote e-Detailing Syndicated Sales Vacancy Management

    Finding partners in an evolving marketplace

    Maintaining status quo within sales operations isn’t an option if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. Sales models must be attuned to market trends, and teams must be flexible and responsive to a dynamic marketplace. All the necessary resources may not be in-house, but in order to realize maximum efficiencies perhaps they shouldn’t be.

    Tailoring teams to your goals

    With 30 years of experience, 200 brand launches, more than 5,000 specialty and primary care sales representatives in 20 markets, and customer satisfaction scores that consistently exceed 90%, Matz knows how to build winning teams. In addition to recruiting, training and managing your sales force, our pharmaceutical sales solutions go far beyond those of traditional contract sales organizations, including:

    • Boost sales in new therapeutic areas with highly experienced specialty sales teams.
    • Rapidly expand into one or several new geographic areas.
    • Maintain continuity of territory coverage with a zero vacancy sales team.
    • Deploy a sales force supplemented with remote e-detailing capabilities.
    • Maximize sales impact with the efficiencies delivered via syndicated sales.