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  • Matz Medical Modern Slavery Act 2015


    As a distributor of medical instruments, Matz Medical Ltd. recognise our obligation to provide our customers with high quality, professional goods and services at a competitive price whilst ensuring that at no point is any person in any part of the supply chain exploited or treated in a way that breaks relevant employment legislation. We are fully aware of the responsibilities we bear to all parties involved in each of the stages involved in sourcing our products and have such developed this policy to outline the standards that we, and ultimately all stakeholders involved with the business, should seek to adhere to. Matz Medical shall show a preference, where appropriate, to suppliers with higher labour standards.

    The aim of this policy is to promote understanding and awareness of employment laws and ethical standards. By detailing our labour standards to all parts of our supply chain we hope to develop better ethical standards by motivating our suppliers to adhere to it. It also describes the standard required of potential future suppliers.

    The responsibility of ensuring that labour standards are met shall rest with the entire management team, including the directors, managers and customer representatives. The central point of contact shall be the management representative, which on this date (10/11/2015) is the managing director of the establishment, Tasneem Khan. The management representative shall be responsible for liaising with companies in the supply chain to undertake labour standard status reviews, and for setting objectives and targets for labour standards assurance with plans for training, auditing and required action.

    Matz Medical seeks to implement a policy which is appropriate in nature and scale to the company and in line with its status, as defined by EU law, as an SME. We hereby declare that we shall follow the guidelines established in the Labour Standards Manual, and work towards creating a secure working environment at each stage of the supply chain.

    The labour standards policy shall be monitored regularly under the top management’s ultimate responsibility with regular reporting of the status and effectiveness at all levels.


    Position :  By Managing Director


    Date 11/11/2015