Non Contact Infra Red Thermometer

Price: £40.00


Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

Features :

Multi-mode Thermometer: This thermometer is suitable for all ages, infants, adults, and the elderly. It not only supports forehead function but also room/object temperature and one button to switch measurement mode. It uses infrared technology and can show readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Non-contact Infrared sensor that measures in a sec resulting beep notification after measurement from a distance of 15mm -50 mm, 100% mercury-free, more hygienic and safe for use.

Easy to use with high accuracy: The thermometer for fever allows you to measure the temperature of a room or cup immediately while pressing the object mode button. And all-new & patented probe design to ensure high accuracy with the distance from5-8cm. Even with auto shut off to save memory and storage of the last 10 readings.

Excellent adaptation to ambient temperature.

Accurate and reliable under the complicated surrounding.